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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

Last night, as I curled into bed, I managed to find myself on a TV Channel called "God Europe". At 2am as I did some coding for a website, I was being assailed by a 'edgy' heavily tattooed Christian Comedian. Much like watching a 'comedian' at a KKK rally doing a piece of How Niggers Think They're Actually Human Beings.

"Do you know... aethists ACTUALLY believe there is no God?"

It was a very busy today. Managed to wash and dry three weeks of clothes, vaccuum, ash up the dishes and put them all away. E was asleep, and thus, I was on dad duty almost all weekend. CHOCLATE! X orders. When I refuse, he plays favourites. MUMMY! CHOCLATE! he commands, as if Mummy gave permission. It's great seeing my boy become a person, learn new words, and generally grow into himself. We played in the garden as I did some weeding.

A fuse blew as I was about to do the ironing. Had to rewire that.

Been tired almost all my life now. More travelling next week. I look forward to less turbulent, quieter times.

God TV....nearly worked for them they used brodcast from Stonehill studios in South Shields the Angel Foundation offered me a tidy pack to go and run the new studios in Sunderland for them but it meant working in Sunderland....nuff said
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