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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Glasses have been a bane of my life as long as I can remember. Well, almost. I first got them when I was 8 or so. Since then, I was always, I felt, a little victimised. Speccy. Four eyes. Always the last picked for the football team. These days, and for almost all of my life, I’ve felt, at least a little, handicapped by being so dependent on glasses. Take these glasses off, and I’m blind. I can’t see any further than six inches in front of my face. Sometimes, when I’m in bed and X has just got up, he takes my glasses and tries to put them on my face. He understands more than I do, I need them to be me. By putting them on, I become Dad, and I should then get up and awake.

If I put them down, I always have to put them in the same place, every time. Primarily because I know that if I don’t, I forget where they are. I have to then find my other pair of glasses just to find my original pair of glasses. It’s more than a little of a pain in the arse. People who don’t wear glasses don’t know how lucky they are to wake up every day and be able to focus, be able to see without having to find an object, not be hostage to a vision that is broken .Imagine seeing the whole of your life through an out of focus camera set to reflect a reality made solely of coloured blobs. Being free of that is an impossible freedom.

Speccy Speccy Four Eyes.

as you know, these things are very much in my mind at the moment. I'd love to be carefree enough to take the decision to have my eyes cut open so that I can see lightly, but somehow I just can't do it. Not yet, anyway. I want to be able to see without my glasses. I really do. The odds of something going wrong are miniscule... but.... but.... but...

I feel your pain though.
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