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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yesterday, for the first time, we went to the o2 Arena. Formerly it was the Millenium Dome, which I went to visit in mid 2000 on a day trip with a friend of mine. I was kind of hoping my friend might fall for me that day, but she didn't. Everything works out in the end.

Walkinga round the cavernous arena, I remember the last time I was there, where in the body exhibition the gigantic human body had pubic lice, and the strange sculpture set out in the middle of the river.

(alternate view here)

It's now a massive 23,000 seater arena, which reminds me of Earls Court, but, I suppose, a bit better. I had fears that getting out of there would be an absolute nightmare - which it almost was. The typical people jam I was expecting, with an enormous crush as 20,000 people tried to get out, was actually remarkably easy.

We walked round the circumference of the arena and I remembred where everything used to be. It sure was weird having gone from what it once was to what it now is, a massive entertainment complex.


Today we took Xander to see The Simpsons Movie, which he enjoyed. Ate Pizza. Had a few giggles.


This is The Scissor Sisters last night - looks like the mothership has landed.

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