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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Adventures In The Sith Trade

Wandering around the Star Wars Exhibition at Westminster City Hall I bump into the Darth Vader and grab a photo opportunity. We do the grip n grin and I notice his enormous hands. I think he is wearing two pairs of gloves.
"Darth, you have very big hands for a Sith Lord"
*Darth leans forward, puts on his big scary deep voice*
*Darth strides off menancingly, job done*

Did he sound like James Earl Jones, or Eric Idle?
...more like Eric Idle..
As I remember it, what you actually said was "ooh my, what big hands you've got" I near wet myself laughing :-)

I couldn't hear Vader's response -not much booming going on voice-wise- but I suspect he said something along the lines of "wait till you see what I've got in my trousers."
big hands? all the better for using the force to crush the life out of your worthless body...

great photos.

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