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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Be Where When?

It's a quiet Sunday Afternoon. Graham and Co are over at the mall. We've spent most of the day trying to persuade X to do stuff : he's sometimes off in his own world, and hasn't seemed to master the art of meal times, for a start.

Ten years ago, it was the 1997 Reading Festival weekend. That weekend, I could have seen Metallica, Suede, and The Manics headline. Instead I went to see U2 at Wembley Stadium, who were fantastic but not worth missing the Reading weekend for.

"Be Here Now" is ten years old now. Ten years is a long time. Ten years ago, things were very different. The future was more open.

ten years is indeed a long time, but "Be Here Now" is just as shit now as it was then... if not actually shitter. I swear to God that I don't think I've listened to that album all the way through more than twice. Rubbish. Utter rubbish, and they've been pedalling the same old schtick to enthusiastic audiences ever since.


I'm watching the BBC3 coverage of Reading / Leeds at the moment, and it's making me think of when I went in 1994 and fell in love with the (soon to be released) "Holy Bible" and saw Jeff Buckley singing for the only time.

Mind you, C has just described the Arcade Fire as "Depressing sounding noise", so perhaps it's time to go to bed (or perhaps to find a new wife?)

Oh, I wouldn't recommend THAT, C seems well suited
I went to that reading, but took off to reading the night Suede were headlining. A good choice! Back to reading business after the Lemon was packed away.
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