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Saturday, August 04, 2007
By The Sea
Ramsgate Station.

Today was a beautiful summer day. I'm rather fed up of some domestic issues. E has been ill for a while, and I'm fed up of sitting indoors on beautiful summer days, doing NOTHING. Even a hermit like me likes to get out from time to time. See the world. See whats happening around me. I find it very... tedious to just sit at home all day, every day. I know E is ill, and I compromise around that. I do housework, I do tidy up, I run the house when E can't. But I'm not scared of sunshine.

In the end, E told me she was going to stay at home and feel sort of ill, and sort of sorry for herself. Hibernate. Boring. In the end, I went fuck it, and went out on my own. Got the train to Ramsgate. Had a walk around.

Beach. It was a genuine sand beach, but i wasn't dressed for the beach. Filed it as a palce I could go in future, should I ever have that whole swimsuit thing going on : I tend to go to the beach and sit in the sand about once every five years. Next year then, it's time.

Margate. Went to Margate, which is a couple of miles away. Margate is a lot tackier. Lots of chavs. I counted three seperate beach DJ's spinning on the 1's and 2's. Managed to find a first ed hardback of Gaiman's Fragile Things (50p) and Welshs Chefs book (20p).

Amusement Arcade and Sign. Clock Tower in reflection.

Sea. In the distance, I could see the Reculver ruins. Visited those before : I find them wonderfully evocative. Apparently the Reculver ruins are haunted (click). You can see a picture of the ruins from the 1800's here when it was originally a church.

Margate Rock n Roll. Wonderfully tacky.

On The Way Home. When I got back E thanked me for being out - apparently I was a shit mood, but I was just fed up of avoiding the sunshine, fed up of sitting indoors in dark seclusion like some recluse. It's good to get out. I had a nice day.

God, I'm jealous of your day out - the weather here remains winter-like and rubbish. I don't think we're getting a summer here at all this year.

BTW, I really enjoyed that new Irvine Welsh book. I've not liked his last few but that one is a return to form.
Welcome to Thanet!! Woo Hoo!!!
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