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Friday, August 17, 2007
Favourite Worst Nightmare
It appears I have a recurrent nightmare.

I know how to survive it. It becomes a routine. An art I can do extraordinarily well. A set of moves I make. An order I survive.

A seaside clifftop. A band plays as a ritual occurs. Sand like a sucking saw that swallows the unwary. The ritual unlocks an ugly god. A God who kills all - thousands and thousands of people celebrating one specific event, his return - leaving no mercy. It is brutal and vicious and without mercy. I survived again tonight. I don't know why. I followed my path of set moves.

I slept in a white painted church as I stayed one step ahead of the methodical carnage. After the Ugly God had finished his letting, I afraid to look yet compelled to snatch glances as he cut down the millions with his vengance, he returned to the grave from which he rose. As I feigned sleep, he passed over me, and spared my sleeping body. I caught a moment between lidded eyes staring at him : it is the face of my nemesis made flesh. A pale, thin, elegantly merciless face. : He Who Must Not Be Named but infinitely crueler.

He spared me. I awoke.

I dont remember my dreams much anymore. It feels like I dont dream at all. I miss it.

so its sort of like a wicker man, for people who go splat on the sand? in a sort of lemming-esque way?
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