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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Getting Older
Man, I used to be out Friday night. Every friday night. Always the same places : The Pot Of Beer next to the Aston University campus. There was a triangle of pubs, including the rather gothy Black Horse, The Pot Of Beer (where I once saw Frank Sidebottom), and a third one I have absolutely no recollection of the name of at all. I do miss the liveliness of it : going out and talking rubbish with people I barely know (and havent now seen for years). We all kind of drifted off, did our own thing. Settled down, moved away, as everyone does.

Later, it was off to Edwards, or Snobs, or The Hummingbird. These days, I stay in every night. I can't remember the last time I went to a nightclub (except to see a band), which I think was 2002.It got boring, going out, with the noise and the music changing all the time.

But dammit, I went to rest my eyes for half an hour, and got up four hours later at 00.22am, and I got old. And I kind of miss it. Being old. Meeting someone new. I feel invisible right now. Sometimes I'd like to meet someone new. Or someone old in a new way.

This isn't necessarily anything new. I'm bored of being a grown up.

Tell me about it. Last night my friend RS came round and I cooked dinner, we watched Big Brother, chatted and drank far too much wine. This morning I am very hungover. Ten years ago we'd have been out drinking til 2am, chatting up boys and not even feel the difference in the morning!
I get bored of being a growed up too.. actually, im tired of being the only growed up in my house..

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