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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
The Invisible Man

I hate wearing a suit. They're so bland, and so uniform. As if one could take every element of one's individuality and crush it into a nothingness. And I, I end up walking around, looking like everyone else, acting like everyone else, trying to be as boring as possible, as nondescript as possible, walking the tightrope because my life depends upon it.

I don't have to 'look the part' to do the job well. Isn't the fact that I am good good enough? Obviously not. When I find the bugger who invented the suit, I'm going to get him.

"The English word suit derives from the French word suivre, meaning "to follow". No surprise. Neither a leader or a happy follower, I be. But as I cross the bridge to the station, I am just one of the crowd. Invisible.

Having to dress in a particular fashion for the workplace is something I loathe. I'm quite lucky in that I work in a "creative" role, so get away with a bit more, but even then, I absolutely grudge buying clothes for work.

That said, you look very smart!
We have a casual dress code at my workplace, but I kind of like my uniform. Shoes, trousers, shirt, etc. I don't wear a tie or a jacket, though.

If I looked good in a suit I probably wouldn't mind wearing one.
i wear a suit sometimes to look different as i hate going to work in clothes that i may go out at night or weekends in.....plus i look good in a suit
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