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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
little boy

Fatherhood is a strange thing. What you may not know is that I'm actually a father of three : Elvis (pictured), X (stroking Elvis, picture), and Maeve. As you may remember, the relationship between Elvis and I hasn't been as close as it used to be since I stepped on his eye by mistake. The poor bugger will always be part blind in his left eye, but I love him immensely.

Today has not been easy for E. His eye has been pussy - no more than normal, but his hair has been matted and his eye leaking. I've been washing his hair and combing it to try and take the dried matting out, and cleaning the pus from his little bunny eyes. He's quite brave, really, that little rabbit, and he's a brilliant little guy who maks me happy when I see him around.

I hope he forgives me.

Oh, that archived post brought a tear to my eye - poor wee soul. And forgive my ignorance, but I'm a bit lost - who's Maeve? I've never heard you mention her before.
Mave's the cat!
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