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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

It sure is weird for me seeing someone wearing a Nirvana shirt. I'm thinking... how did you ever get to hear of them? I remember watching Sliver and the Sub-Pop version of In Bloom on MTV's 120 Minutes (Sundays at 8pm) hosted by Paul King , long before Nevermind came out. I bought my first copy of Nevermind on vinyl, but it was pressed on cheap vinyl and jumped all over the place. If you look at the back of the UK 7" of Smells Like Teen Spirit, it lists the date at Leicester I had tickets for but never took place. I got my £4.50, but had to give up my Nirvana ticket. I never saw them.

And then I remember... Nirvana were huge, and to kids of 17, they're as cool as any band that disappeared when they were 3 and are showing their classic rock roots. Go back the same amount of time - 16 years - from from 1991, and it's 1975. Punk hadn't even happened, and Joy Division were two years away from forming.

But how did kids get to hear about Nirvana? They're mine, and my secret.

I still have my wafer thin copy on vinyl, it is COMPLETELY unplayable, but I won't discard of it. I never made it to the Hummingbird date on the back of the 7" as I was just below driving age, and public transportation from my village was (and still is) virtually non-existent. I did manage to see them at Reading 92 though, so all was not lost.
Paul King... jeeeezus, I'd forgotten about him. I've just sat here for the past few minutes trying to dredge up memories of 'other people who used to present on MTV Europe way back when' and shuddered when my brain spewed out the image of Ray Cokes. Holy fuck, that guy was annoying.
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