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Saturday, August 11, 2007
some distant memory.

I've just been dancing around the living room with Xander. Giggling and bouncing as I sang to him. New Order's "Regret" was the song. Without Tony Wilson I'll never have had that memory. So many great moments would have gone unlived. Tony put the Sex Pistols and Joy Division on TV. He gave Joy Division, New Order, Electronic and the Happy Mondays their recording contracts. The Hacienda must be built.

"People have treated me with contempt. Quite rightly. I'm a TV Presenter, I'm a bighead. Suddenly I'm dying of cancer. Everyone loves me. If you're fed of people hating you just get cancer. It's fantastic. They're so concerned. Now everyone loves me." - Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson tribute broadcast last night on BBC2. Includes his final interview. (Discussion here)

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