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Friday, August 17, 2007
There comes a time when a man reaches his limit. When someone wants to say what they really think, what they really feel, without fear of repercussion. Now, I never intend to be rude - except with very very very rare exceptions - but sometimes there comes a time when honesty isn't the best policy. Human beings are fragile, and our lives are delicate. The life we build for ourselves can be destroyed very easily. Money buys freedom, and that freedom I do not have.

I used to be able to talk freely on the internet. I can't anymore. At every step I feel.. watched. One day I will be free. Maybe I should reinvent myself.

we wanna be free. to do... what we wanna do....


The only way to be free then is to reinvent yourself somewhere else, with no connection to the past in any way at all. And that means abandoning all the interwebs friendships you have,...
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