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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Addicted To Sleep

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ I am tired.

And I have a big interview tommorow. Always interviews. I'm starting to get... tired of always being on display. But, like author rejection slips - 40 rejections is nothing, one success is everything.

Went to bed around 1. Very tired. My brain decided I wasn't going to sleep for a while. I hate my brain. Despite exhaustion, my brain is always working. Damn you, damned brain.

At 6.36 this morning I was awoken by a head butt onto the bridge of my nose from my son.

Not the greatest of starts to a day.

Hi, Just wanted to tell you that your not alone. I had a period in my life were i hadn't slept for a year. My brain was always bussy. I would get up feeling like a bag of potatoes that had been turning in a dryer all night long. I felt like my head was going to explode. The worst thing was... everyone around me seemed to have energetic lives.. I hated them. QWuit my job, quit my girldfriend and started travelling. I slowly regained my piece of mind. Hang in there!
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