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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Interesting Article by George Marshall : We are constantly told to switch the TV off standby, recycle our plastic bags and boil less water - but does focusing on the small, easy steps distract us from the bigger picture?

Well, obviously. Corporations are the most powerful entities in the world. They have immense influence upon the world. Humans, as individuals can only do so much. Corporations should be tasked with being as ecologically lean and mean as possible. If they fail, they should be prosecuted, subject to unlimited fines, and staff imprisoned. Hey, I'm a liberal! What did you expect?

Wil Wheaton writes authoritively about the democratisation of information... and that scares the corporations. Corporations scare me :

"Communication empowers people, and an empowered people are very, very scary to the powerful upper class who hope that we’ll just go away, right after we buy a lot of crap from them that we don’t need. And holy shit are they scared right now. The revolution may not be televised, but it’s being blogged, YouTubed, MySpaced, Facebooked, Dugg and Netscaped. "

Tired. Are you well?

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