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Monday, September 24, 2007
The Future

It's been a pretty busy day in the household today. By 9.20 I had in my hand a copy of the new Ian Brown album. For those of you who want the bonus disc (which, rather oddly, is made entirely of the albums strings arrangements without any other instrumentation or vocals, can be found here). I've also recently spent a little money on the David Gilmour DVD, U2's PopMart, The Flaming Lips DVD, the Alabama 3 CD, the Foo Fighters album, Velvet Revolvers Libertad in Oxfam (it's only been out a few weeks), and maybe the new Joy Division Catalogue (with unreleased live albums appended as Unknown Pleasures / Live In Manchester, Closer / Live In London, and Still / Live In High Wycombe), and a new portable Hard Drive. Also managed to arrange a fair portion of the handover at work. Now tonight I'm going to work on arranging more interviews : I have three new opportunities and interviews lined up. The future's looking good.

How are you? Any questions?

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