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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
High Hopes

The day started badly.

With a headbutt and a rejection at second interview stage.

It got better. By the end of the day, I'd spoken to a few agencies. I'd got an interview for a job I really liked. Truth be told, I only apply for jobs I want these days : that said, I'm fairly flexible. And everyone has some favourites in mind, out of the jobs they go for. This is one of my 'top' few.

Good news then. And a second interview for something very interesting tommorow.

After this, I got a new SCART cable, transferred a lot of VHS to DVD, (REM's Roadmovie, REM Rough Cut, U2 Live Reggio PopMart Tour, U2 PopMart The Roadies (no link), U2 In Rotterdam, and U2 A Year In Pop), had a haircut, had a shave to dispense with five days face fuzz, did all the washing up and put it away, did the gardening and the weeding in the 'magic hour', bought rabbit food, and Prince's Lovesexy Live VHS, and generally got an awful lot done. This on top of a day's work.

Big day tommorow.

What else? Oh yes, I got a free ticket to see an invite only David Gilmour film premier / show. Fabulous.

All in all, a very good day despite a pisspoor start.

I'm rooting for you mate.


(yes Hen, I said "root")
I'm a bit late to see this, but hope everything went well. I think we can all agree that you're due some good news.
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