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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Sell Out

No Gordon. No. Thatcher is fucking evil. The only way any true Labour politician could act when faced with Thatcher is to punch the evil milk thief right in the fucking jaw. Not with a handshake and a cup of tea. Any Labour politician worth his salt does not admire Thatcher, but instead would hate her - quite rightly, as the woman who forever reinforced the status quo, perpetuated the abuse of the working class at the hands of the rich, destroyed the Mines and Coal Industry, deprived children of milk and fought a pointless war in order to get relected. Thatcher is the embodiment of selfish, abusive evil. The enemy of everything Labour ever fought for. Gordon - you should be ashamed.

And now I get off my high horse and toddle to bed.

You mirror my thoughts here. When I saw that pic I just thought "WTF?!"

If Gordon won't punch her, I will!
No, No, No. You've got it wrong.

Gordon invited her to No. 10 so that he could poison her.

Well, at least I hope so.
I thought George W. Bush was the embodiment of selfish, abusive evil.
You are completely right. She was the architect of everything that is wrong with this country today. My parents and the friends of my parents when I was growing up in the 1970s may have been less materially wealthy but they had more leisure time and they were happier. She virtually invented the greed and selfish disregard that pervades everything today. Errr, I think I need to abseil off that particular soapbox.
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