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Thursday, September 27, 2007
"So Long And Thanks For All The Fish"

It's been a hard day. Very busy. Lots to do. Plenty of phone calls. Lots of emails doing the rounds. I've been slowly putting quite a lot of things to bed and closing them off at work. I woke up exhausted and with a chronic back ache. I very much look forward to taking time off. Even though the audition process for new jobs is harder than actually working for a living.

Since I sent out a mass "I'm leaving. So long and thanks for the fish" email, I've been pleased and heartened to see the nice things people have said to me as I am going. Some people, it is clear, have enjoyed working with me. One of them said it was a shame to see "all the good people leaving", which I agree with. I've made no secret of the factthat I don't want to leave, but you can't always get what you want.

Tomorrow I am at Beanos. And also I have an important interview tommorow with a well known high street brand. I hope it goes well. Wish me luck.

The tide will turn.

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