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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm knackered. The past few weeks have been very stressful for me. As you know, I've recently resigned, or taken voluntary redundancy, if you will. I've been stretching myself considerably at interviews for many weeks, bending and preening, and existing on a diet of adrenalin trying to prove to them that I am the man for the job. At this stage in my career, it's a lot harder to get a job : there's Assessment Centres, and third interviews, meetings with Directors, that kind of thing.

Last job I had I had one hour long interview. When I reapplied for it again after one of those typical We're-pretending-its-all-equal-but-made-our-mind-up-already-here's-some-hoops-to-jump-through-we're-forcing-people-we-dont-like-out-even-though-we-cant-get-them-out-except-through-a-suspiscious-reorganisation exercises, I had to go through several interviews, and that was just the first of three stages.

This week I've had three interviews. On top of managing a full time job, and running a house, and the hassle that the job has brought - an immense amount of stress that could be seen to be bordering on harrassment, and many a sleepless night - coupled with only three days off since March, and I'm fit to fall over in exhaustion.

The day after my last day of service at work, I've got an interview. And the day after that. I swear, I will stop and slow down at some point.

Today I have been at home, looking after Mr X whilst E works. Mostly, I have been a climbing frame for a two year old. I've transferred a bunch of old VHS stuff onto DVD (A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica, which is quite interesting really) and watched the new, fantabulous Flaming Lips DVD, and spent most of the day tinkering with and doing some book-keeping on my 500GB Hard Drive. At some point, everything will be all in one place and I won't need to do this kind of back-up operation. Data is hard to find and painful to lose.

Yesterday I bought two new t-shirts from TK Maxx in Croydon. Pikey. Here they are (Design1 : YOUR EMPIRE NEEDS YOU - a member of the Top Ten Star Wars TShirts - and Design 2: Surftrooper). I wento to Beanos, where I bough a Moby Cd, a Jane's Addiction one, the rare Coldplay Acoustic EP, and the new DJ Shadow album. In the post was the Flaming Lips DVD and the Alabama 3 album. I've spent a lot of money recently. Time to stop.

I also recommend Pop Songs 07 as a blog. A review, in a haphazard fashion, or every REM song ever released.

Job hunting is completely exhausting, not to mention dis-spiriting and stressful - I know how you feel. I've had two migraines in the last ten days. In my entire life I have now had four. I really hope it's not the start of something.
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