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Sunday, September 09, 2007
Watch It All On Video

One side effect of getting a new VHS Player is that we can run it through the DVD HD. In simple terms, what this means is that the scart output from the VHS player can dump the video image from VHS to DVD. Which means that, at some point in the future (starting around 3 hours ago), we are transferring all the decent content from my VHS tapes to DVD. That's 20 years of video. 20 years of films, weird TV documentaries, old concert broadcasts and pop videos, long-deleted VHS editions that will never be released on DVD - either because of licensing issues as they are owned by non-existent companies, or because the copyright holders have no interest in releasing them as they are highly obscure releases : I can't see a 1996 MTV broadcast of Suede in Dublin, or a mail order only Suede concert VHS that sold about 200 copies ever coming onto DVD, so over the next however-long-it-is, I'll be slowly dumping these onto DVD.

The first thing that got onto DVD was The Star Wars Executor Box Set. It's a bit of a rarity. A massive metal black tin of 4 VHS tapes released in 1995. Limited Edition with art prints, scripts, laminated photographs, 5 hours of bonus video material documentaries and interviews (never released on DVD for some bizarre reason), on 4 VHS tapes. Limited Edition of 20,000. (Full specs near the bottom of the page here). That's the puppy I'm watching on VHS at the moment. When that's done, it'll be on my Hard Drive, then transferred to DVD. Then I need never play the VHS again. There's a full flickr account with the contents here. If you want this stuff on DVD, send me an email and I'll post you some discs, sometime.

There's a lot more to come after that.

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