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Sunday, September 16, 2007
The Worst McDonalds In The World.

There's nowhere in the world more terrifying that Brixton McDonalds.


Last night I went to Brixton Ritzy to catch the US premiere of Remember That Night, which featured a live performance by David Gilmour and a Q&A Session.

In the afternoon, I'd been drinking and thus, was stuffed full of three pints of Strongbow (Trampjuice), I was in desperate need of food and liquid.

Of course what I didn't realise as I sneaked out of the screening during "Take A Breath" was that a year ago two people were shot in the Brixton McDonalds for the crime of showing disrespect. In the few minutes I was there I had the whole "Can you spare me 10p?" begging routine.

A few moments later, and the store manager is very close to having someone mount the counter and assualt him. Staff tense and prepare to do battle. This junkie needs to take his "insulin".

I suspect it was something else. On the other side of the restaurant, three fifteen years olds abuse customers whilst drinking from whiskey bottles. I think I've found the worst McDonalds In The World.

You should try the KFC, it's just as bad but there are usually more people hanging around outside as it's on the corner.

Bizarrely I kinda like Brixton though, it has character. Not where you go for a quiet life though, that's for sure.
Wow, I've not set foot in Brixton McDonalds for YEARS, but I don't remember it being that bad! That does sound pretty damned unpleasant, though...
You went into a McDonalds to do something other than have a p*ss...?
Your McD's beats the one down the street from us. It only has transients and street kids hanging around and vomiting in the parking lot & bushes. My wife has personally witnessed two people vomiting outside of it, and I've seen a puddle of vomit in the drive-through lane.

We now refuse to eat there and refer to it as McVomit.
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