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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Abandoned Railway Station

Folkestone Harbour. Used about twice a year - last used on 21st June and 19th July 2007, but before that, around October 2006. A fascinating, eerie, dead place, schedule for demolition. Rusting architecture. In a state of advanced dilapidation. It was once a relatively busy station with four services a day in 1959. It closed to ordinary rail traffic in 2001. It's a ghost town that pokes out a quarter mile into the sea.


Full set of pictures from my visit here.


Here's some photos from Urban 75. A full lifeline of the station can be found here. Some very old photos can be found here. And some pictures here. I find pictures of abandoned and derelict buildings fascinating. Well, I'm such a boy. What can you expect? (here's some links to sites about it - some of the old classic sites have gone all 404 now, but not this one)

Those of you who click the link to Flickr will notice I have put "2001" as the year. I know I got it wrong. I can't be bothered to fix it - too late and not important enough to warrant the effort.


Incidentally, Brummies may be interested to see what The Dome looks like now.


(Yes, I am wearing a Joy Division tshirt)

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