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Thursday, October 11, 2007
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range

Well. That's it.

As of midnight tonight I am officially unemployed.

The first time in 10 years and 8 months, I am sans job. It feels, at the moment, both liberating and terrifying. Even though I do have a new role to go into and a start date, I can't say I'm overjoyed by the situation. I feel - very much - that I was subtly manouevered with prejudice out of the business by a very harsh interpretation of the rules to the maximum extent whilst remaining (just) within the legal parameters. I loved that job and they made me fall out of love with it. A great shame. People knew what they were doing : they said one thing, and thought the other.

There'll be a few changes around here over the next few days - turning things back to the way they were. I trust you are all well.

It feels very strange to know that tommorow I have no boss, no manager, no one to answer to.

I have spent today looking for new jobs, and rebuilding the look and feel of my laptop to recreate the finely-honed machine that was my desktop. I have reorganised the desktop in my preferred lineup - icons around the outside edge of the screen, reinstalled many of the programmes (I have lost two which do not operate on Windows Vista - one of which is for my phone camera, so I'll have to use Ye Olde Desktop for transferring phone photos onto my PC). A couple of other ones have registration details hidden somewhere so deep inside the applications that I cannot reinstall them without a convulted process to get the authentication keys. In the end I have chosen free alternatives that seem to do the job just as well : OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, and generally eschewing the Microsoft Monopoly wherever possible. I'm still unhappy I do not have a physical hard copy of my Operating System with a product key to fix it. It means that I've bought Microsoft OS' three times for different systems.

Not everyone likes Windows Vista : me included. I'd quite like to switch Aero off and see how it responds (I havent tried this yet anyway). The machine seems quite slow, and I don't need fancy graphics to 'enhance' my experience. I need a machine that works and does the job quickly.

good heavens man, download a copy of XP and be done with it.
Hang on, you're stressing about being unemployed even though you have a new job to go to and even a start date?

With all due respect, chill the fuck out. It's time to kick back for a bit. Didn't you take VR? Doesn't that mean you got a big pay out and can pay off a lot of your debts? The only 'downside' being that you'd be off work for a bit? Tragic, my heart bleeds... ;-)

Enjoy spending some time with your lovely family and start your new job refreshed.
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