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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Existence? Well what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can.

Life has been insane recently.

As I have said a few times, I'm really looking forward to some peace and quiet. With barely a day off (three) in seven months, I've been getting closer and closer to a state of complete burnout. I can really only see a day or two of me left working at this pace, which is very good, as tommorow is the last day for a while.

Unfortunately for me, I'm a man of my word. I'll do whatever it is I say I'm going to do. Given my job situation, I'll take any interview offered. This is helped by the fact that I actively only apply for roles I want to do and I can do. Thankfully there is no shortage of them yet. However, things have been so busy I have yet to apply for jobs that were advertised two weeks ago. The next issue is already out, and I won't be able to turn around my usual next-day approach. Frankly, I've been going full pelt for months. I'm starting to run out.

Tomorrow, I was due to sit at home and catch up on many things I haven't been able for many days. No chance.

On my way to my interview today, I get a phone call. I know it's short notice, but the only time they can see you is Friday. So, for the third day in a row, and for the first, second & third day of my new found status, I have been working on finding another job. Today's interview went, I felt, very well. Yesterday, I'm not quite so sure. I have another tommorow.

It hasn't stopped. Life has been a high speed train I am strapped to the front of, desperate to get off. I've been typing text messages into my phone a multitude of things I am stockpiling to write about in my head.

Sunday I was working. Monday I was working. I was closing off various things relating to my work and covering my ass. It's a lot easier to blame people who can't answer back and I'm sick of it. I was up until late finishing off various documents. Tuesday, I was up early. Then I spent half an hour about 5 yards outside London Bridge.

The train stopped. It sat there for 30 minutes. Apparently, they forgot how many trains go into London Bridge every day. Or something. After a morning in London, and an afternoon in Redhill, it was home. Home. Where things aren't always going particularly well.

Wednesday, it was in town for another interview. I saw Michael Clayton. then the premiere of Control, with a Q&A between Paul Morley and Peter Hook. Back at 1.00am. Then, this morning, into town for an interview. After this, I raced across town to the Brixton Ritzy to catch the matinee of Death Proof, which comes off today. Film showings are stupid. My local cinema didn't get Death Proof, or The Lives Of Others, or Pan's Labyrinth, yet showed Harry Potter And The Temple Of Doom on six screens.

Finally, I made it home. I am standing on the edge of a collapse. I just need some quiet time to myself.

On top of all this, the mouse on my desktop appears to be dying. It freezes for hours at a time. Disappears. Refuses to respond, sticks. I drag it left, it goes right, if it goes at all. I can't work out whats wrong : all the drivers are correctly installed, everything is in place, and I've tried both a wireless USB mouse and a regular trackball.

Therefore, when I have a moment to myself, I am going to buy a laptop. Good thing I bought that 500GB hard drive.

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