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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Maximise Your Opportunigoals!

I was asked yesterday - Aren't I excited by my new job? Aren't I looking forward to it?. And the answer is...

No. Not in the slightest.

I'm not excited about spending 99 minutes each day, each way to get to and from a place I don't want to go to. (And whilst I am getting a redundancy payment eventually from my ex-employer, travel don't come free, and overall, I will be slightly better off in my new job). And when I say slightly, I mean.. about £6 a month. Hardly seems worth it. But as you may know, working conditions for me where I was were.. horrible and extremely stressful. Loved the job. Hated the politics. And there's always politics. Politics is a waste of time and effort. There's enough resources in the world working against your employer with their own self-interests, so why the team can't gel for the united goal I have no idea.

That's dangerously close to management speak. Somebody shoot me.

In my old job I had freedom. As long as the job was done (and I kept my mouth shut) there was no problem. Sadly, I learnt too late that opening your mouth, standing up for your principles, and exercising professional excellence in questioning poor decisions made you a target. And despite being legislated up to the eyeballs, as we all know, it's the interpretation of the rules that makes all the difference. If I'd've known that the amount of hassle I was going to get was even going to be 1% of what I did have, I would've kept my mouth shut. I didn't realise that they valued acquiescence more than ability.

So... why should I be looking forward to 5 days a week in an office (with 3 hours travel a day)? I'm not. I'll do it. And I'll do a good job of it. But I don't want to.

There must be a better way of life than commuting.

Indeed. At least it's time to catch up on books and music... Bit of a think skein of a good side I know but it's there.

£6 a month better off? *sigh* Will that still be the case after you eventually get the redundancy and pay off debts?

I'd swap to a job where I commuted every day -and did it in a gorilla suit- if I could get rid of the £500 a month I pay in debt repayments right now. *sigh*
In answer to your questions.. Yes, and Yes. :(
I'm the same, debt to pay, seems like I'll never be rid of it. I'm optimistic - but not cocky - about the job interview I have next week, but the difference in salary would be marginal.
Excellent photo - is that an old rail depot?
Tis the abandoned/disused Folkestone Harbour Station
(I'm a bit late on this, I know, but I feel your pain and hope the new job is oodles better. In the light of what I've posted today, this is all so apposite for me.)
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