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Monday, October 01, 2007
New Adventures

(from Natalie Dee)


Shufflathon is in full flight. I have finished and posted my CD within two hours of the challenge being put down. Most efficient.

It has been a busy day. I've been closing everything off. Yesterday is my last day. I hand over my laptop, my mobile phone, my accessories, my passcards. I become a non-person. It's an odd experience. To be sending people emails telling them I am leaving.

I spent most of today very stressed. I was doing a couple of things I needed to do in order to get done what needed to be done. I can't discuss what I had to do. Legalities. Sorry. I thought it would be easier than it was. I'm feeling kinda drained and empty.

I'll post more later. There is much to be done and not much time to do it.

good luck ... : )
I had that "non-person" experience a few years back when I finished a contract with nothing to go to. It is absolutely horrible, and it amazed me just how much I was defined by what I did. It passes. Better things are ahead.

On the shuffleathon front, I have thought of a tentative track listing, but have no idea how to use iTunes - other than to load my iPod - or burn a CD. So if you feel like helping a damsel in distress (or a useless female, let's be honest) I'd be grateful for any help.
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