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Monday, October 15, 2007
Sell Out.

The Washington Post provides the 'sellout equasion' calculator. Great stuff.

Not that it has anything to do with this post or owt, but, have you got your Zarieeka 10th anniversary listening party planned...

This one is taking place at the venue the Stuffies played on their last visit to Seattle...


Monday, October 22 at 8PM
Crocodile Café, Seattle

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Flaming Lips 4-disc album "Zaireeka" with some brou-ha-ha. We will have a listening party at the Crocodile Cafe (for 21+) and shall screen a short DVD of Wayne Coyne talking about "Zarieeka." Then, when everybody is hyped, we will play the album with new "10th disc" material! Cha-ching! This will be a free event and ticket getting info is forthcoming. Promise.
I'd love to come - are you offering?
fella! I had no idea you had a blog.... consider me a regular.
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