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Sunday, July 31, 2011
Vicks Gentle Touch Behind the Ear Thermometer

Whenever you are faced with an upset, feverish, unwell, or generally under the weather little boy or girl (and for, its generally a boy), the last last thing you want to do is to have to corall them – especially if asleep – into getting a thermometer into their mouth and staying still. The risk of waking the sleeping beast is too big. This then, is a long overdue solution to the problem – a way of checking temperatures without the inevitable and sometimes disproportionate risk. Once you've fought your way through the thoroughly unnecessary sea of vile wrap-rage, cutting through shrinkwrapped vaccum sealed plastic, uncoiled all the ingredients, read the instructions, and got used to it, it's a useful, versatile piece of household gadgetry you probably didn't realise you needed until you needed it and by then, it's too late. It helpfully stores previous readings, and the LCD display is clear – as well as showing the temperature in differing colours dependent upon too hot, cold, or just right. It's a useful device and were I to recommend it, I also recommend that you unpack, test, and use everything first before you need it in an emergency.

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