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Tuesday, August 02, 2011
We Are All Made Of Stars

It's been a busy few days. Whilst I am on the train going to and from work - the time I normally use to write blog posts - I have been rebuilding a 448GB hard drive that was corrupted when my son dropped it a few years ago. It is, you will hear, mercifully almost done, but it has taken a long time and I now have a complete and finished master hard drive of all my music.

A typical British summer days.

So, in the meantime, have some photos of my adventures.

At Home.

Saw this on the back of a rickshaw on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Yuri Gagarin memorial on my walk to work.

I also saw Moby sing a short acoustic set of five songs to about 100 people at Foyles bookshop underneath the Royal Festival Hall. Moby, acoustic, at the Southbank. I'm such a hipster. Well, maybe not. He performed Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, We Are All Made Of Stars You Tube link, Lie Down In Darkness You Tube link, Porcelain You Tube link, and Natural Blues You Tube Link.

Moby shows off his new book.

Moby performs acoustically at Foyles, Royal Festival Hall, 01st August 2011.

At the signing he complimented me on the cut of my suit (most unexpected). I made a quip about being British and thanked him for being on time. He said "I turned up early and had a coffee. I might as well sing." I said 'animal rights' was one of the finest records ever made. He agreed that not many people liked it. "many people are wrong". And then like * that * i walked out of his life.

Moby drew this is my book.

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