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Saturday, September 10, 2011
slipping away

Life is slipping away. Over time, your circle of friends changes. All of ours do. And, on a day to day basis, the longest successful relationship I have in this house - the only one that's lasted over five years - is with my oven. Jobs, lovers, friends. All have changed.

Friends too. People I've known for twelve years and never had a cross word with have silently defriended me on Facebook without even the balls to say so. It may have taken me a week or two to notice - but they never said much anyway, and I was busy with children and jobs and commuting. That sense of a complete, and enabled lack of accountability, is quite annoying. I'm not sure what I said or did, if anything at all. Life goes on. But, in my eyes, I'm a wonderful friend (though I am probably not), and thus, how dare they? Blogs get deleted, friends disappear. They decide they don't need me, or their lives are not enriched by me, or maybe that I represented a part of a period of their life they no longer had any connection with, or desire to remember. Certainly, many parts of my life are no longer relevant to how I live my life on a day to day basis : but I wouldn't pretend they never happened.

The way to survive is to take the same approach as one does with anyone you find yourself in disagreement with. They are probably wrong, and it's their loss. I'm going to continue being me forever.

Nonetheless, I miss my friends who have gone onto other things. I wish them all well and the best of luck. (with only a handful of deserved exceptions). And the rest of you I don't see enough of - I miss you and its good to catch up even if only via the Internet.

In retrospect, I should have titled this post Hold Onto Your Friends, but You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side anyway. Well. Enough Morrissey song titles for now. How are you all anyway?

They touched your life when you needed them, and they did the same for you. You enriched each others' lives. Who knows? Your lives may intersect again someday. But even if they don't, they remain a part of you, and you of them.

And yeah, you're right: they're probably wrong, it's their loss, and you should continue to be you. *G*
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