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Friday, November 04, 2011
All The Best

Not that long ago, my ex-wife announced she was pregnant. (Well, she didn't announce as much, but asked me about baby stuff I might have left over, and could she have it - very passive/aggressive, in my opinion, which is just one opinion of millions in the world).

A few years ago, when she found out our baby had died unborn, she told me - and the date of 16th April 2009 is seared into my mind - that she was glad our baby died. Those exact words.

I have no idea how anyone could get to that way of thinking - to say such a thing about the death of a child, unborn or not. An example, as such, of the huge distance between her and I.

Later on, when I told her that we were expecting, she wrote something on the internet that used the exact words "they have spawned". (Spawning, by the way is the thing that insects do, not a thing that two people very much in love do.)

As it goes, it looks as if in March my eldest son will have a little sister. That's great news for everyone. There's a baby girl in my ex-wife made between two people who have been together about three years, and I hope she, this little baby, and they all have great lives. This baby is innocent of all things, and blameless of the things that other people have done. And for my eldest son, he loves hanging out with babies and being silly and being big brother, so that's great for him.

I wish them all the best. Life is beautiful, and strange. And with each day is gets stranger and more beautiful. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Would you?

wise words, my friend. Avoid bitterness. This much I have learned. I'm happy for everyone.
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