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Sunday, November 20, 2011
The Boredom Of Conformity

I'm bored with modern culture. The world needs a new direction. Modern culture is tedious, bland, and utterly utterly bereft of anything worth doing. Take, for example, the turgid drivel of X-Factor and Adele. Every day a pile of spot faced gimp hopefuls are paraded as circus freaks on television, and those stupid, and alive enough, to drink alcohol, take drugs, and kiss girls to make them cry, are banned or fired.

Kirstee Allsop goes on about knitting and craft as if it were the most exciting thing in the world ; which it isn't. (Everyone knows, hunting wild animals with the aid of flamethrowing tanks and remote, airborne robot drone planes is far more exciting).

Adele pointlessly drones on about a boy with music that makes commuting seem exciting.

Downton Abbey is a bunch of upper class people centuries old debating the terrors of being unfeasably rich.

We haven't got in the full flow of the utterly numbing : the Olympics. Oh look, its people who can do stuff with their bodies. I too, could run or throw or teleport 100 unicycles to the end of the Stadium, were I determinded enough to be master of a trivial physical characteristic. On the other hand, I have spent those years drinking, meeting girls, reading books and seeing bands. (Which is exactly what I did, and I had a blast doing it).

I don't get why the new prudes want people to be ashamed of their pasts. Louise Mensch apparently took drugs with Nigel Kennedy. No big deal. So did Frankie Cocoooza or whatever his name is on X-Factor. Again, no big deal. I'd far rather the world be full of people who have had lives worth living, made mistakes and learnt lessons, than shrinkwrapped, boring goons who have never ever done anything exciting in their lives.

I'd rather have a disgraceful life worth living than conform to someone else's blinkered morality. Which is wonderful, because these are our lives, to live our own way. And I've never known a time in my lfie where there has been so much about this world to be righteously angry about.And in this time of great turbulence and anger, in my life, I've never smiled more.

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