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Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear BBC

Both BBC1 (something about Freddie Flintoff) and BBC2 (Darts! Darts! Darts! zzzzzzzzzz) are both currently showing sports coverage. Sports? In the middle of winter at 11pm? Why? Can't you create a BBC Sports and just be done with it? I don't like sport, and having BOTH channels monopolised by middle aged blokes throwing objects at each other in competition is boring, boring, boring. I spend more than enough time at work bored out of my skull, or buried under a crying sleepless child bored out of my skull, to then find the BBC are subjecting me to cheap, allegedly "quality" programming about sport. I want a wider selection of programming than SPORT SPORT SPORT. If you must show pointless sports coverage then please try not to show it on all your terrestrial channels at the same time, because then I have to watch grim social realism dramas on Channel 4 or rubbish Hollywood blockbusters with Mel Gibson, and that's only tolerable because it's not middle aged balding fat sportsmen. Less sport please.

Ironically the Beeb are showing less sport than ever and their "deal" with ESPN means the Darts coverage is a fraction of what it was in previous years. I agree that flooding both channels is poor but a lack of demand results in them letting more go to subscription channels which I hate.
that programme featuring Flintoff was actually about depression - something he has suffered from - and was nothing to do about sport at all.
When I turned over, I saw him raising a cup or something, which was enough for me to judge both programmes were about sport.
well, he is a sportsman, it's true... but if the death of someone like Gary Speed and a programme about someone like Andrew Flintoff helps promote the general understanding of that awful, debilitating illness, then this is all to the good, no? It's not quite the same thing as having the darts on one channel and the cricket on the other, is it? Will you at least concede that?
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