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Sunday, January 22, 2012
It's More Fun To Compute

After last weeks two hour trawl with a dodgy UKASH virus, yesterday morning was.. all things considered, fairly shit. I closed the bonnet on the PC on Friday Night, opened it up the next morning, to find the blue boot screen was frozen. No log in, nothing. The system had hung whilst booting up, and I had no option but to hard reset and start again.

I know. Buy A Mac, it just works!

When the system rebooted, it became fairly clear that whilst booting up it got stuck on one particular element : the network registry was corrupt, and the audio drivers were failing to connect. In short - no Internet, and no sound. And even when I connected the hard DSL cable, the internet was not working. In the meantime, iTunes wasn't working correctly, Windows Explorer wasn't rendering correctly, and the webcam was also out of action. An hour or so later, and it was apparent I would have to format, reload, and reinstall the OS. Bums.

Yesterday largely involved error checking the contents and backing up the Hard Drive. I no doubt missed some files, but I don't know what they are. Today involved reloading, configuring and building the hard drive, then reinstalling all the non-OS programs. I have lost all my progress on Lego Star Wars, but I was only 2.4% in, so I'm not heartbroken yet.

In other news, Amazon provided new heaphones and a new vaccuum cleaner for review, so Sunday has recovered the utter shittness of Saturday and today is pretty ace. And I have a new coat. Small things make all the difference.

How are you doing, anyway?

yeah, yeah. Buy a Mac!

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