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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
The Hunter Gets Caught By The Game.

The Sun newspaper totally, and completely, loses the plot and blames everyone else for its own failures. In the link above, they compare the police investigation of their activites with a baseless need for blame - a witch hunt is the exact words they use. Jack Of Kent has a very useful article about witch hunts which I suggest you all read.

Being lawfully investigated with the aim of establishing the facts behind potentially very serious allegations is not a witch hunt. In the meantime, the editor suggests that there are those that will stop at nothing to destroy the paper, and that this investigation is actively jeopardising national security and increasing the risk of a terrorist attack.

By that logic, those who are to blame for any terrorist attacks are... The Sun newspaper and its employees. After all, if The Daily Mail can blame dead school kids on striking teachers, it makes sense to lay the blame for any terrorist activity in the future solely at the feet of those whose activities caused the diversion of police resources.

What he neglects to say, is those who would stop at nothing are, and were, mostly the people who engaged in illegal activity. Which, if proven so in court, this activity includes :

- Sustained, long term, and prolific identity theft and fraud of over 5,000 individuals : including the dead.
- Interception of email and telephone communications of thousands of individuals.
- Perverting the course of justice through destroying voicemail messages left for murdered people by distraught relatives and lying to the police when questioned.
- Lying to the public and claiming that they were working with the full co-operation of the police into a murder investigation.
- Payments to police employees, prison staff, members of the Ministry Of Defence, and officials of the state in return for information.

If this is not the work of an organised, criminal gang, I don't know what is.

Read the letters in Parliment regarding the phone hacking. They are dynamite.

Let us not forget, in the words of the odious editorial : "Nobody has been charged with any offence, still less tried or convicted." - much in the same way as Christopher Jefferies was not charged, tried, or convicted, but was still front page news for a week and, to all intents and purposes, convicted by the media of being a murderer.

The Sun's response to this is who polices the police? .... to which, the answer must be, that such a hands-off approach served The Sun just fine when it was busy bribing the police, but not when it learns such bribes don't always work. The Hunter got caught by The Game.

The paper complains that "They are treated like threats to national security". I wouldn't want to presume anything, but were I judging if someone was a threat to national security, then if activities such as hacking 5,000 voice mail and email accounts, bribing policemen, prison officers, members of the Ministry of Defence, destroying evidence in a murder investigation, and impersonating the Prime Minister to get his bank details doesn't constitute a threat to National Security, then nothing does.

To say this investigation threatens the free press is a lie. This investigation threatens nothing but the livelihood of an organised, criminal gang engaged in mass, co-ordinated criminal activity and therefore, is not a witch hunt but a legitimate investigation into potentially mass criminal activity of an enormous scale.

And if you think the response by the Police is overblown, consider this. If your son or daughter goes missing or is murdered, if you are a relative of someone who is revealed to be a murderer or having an affair with a footballer, or if you become in any way 'newsworthy', then you are a target for having your entire life published for the titillation of millions, using information stolen from you by people pretending to be you, in order for them to make profit. If that doesn't sound like a witch-hunt of the innocent to you, nothing will.

Let them all eat justice.

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