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Friday, February 24, 2012
The Truth At Last.

Last time you used public transport?
I normally use public transport every day of my life : I took the train yesterday to the seaside. I'm very much a person who enjoys train journeys. Bus journeys not so much at all : I hate the thought of sitting at a bus stop just to get a glorified car?

Last time you had breakfast in bed?
My thirty sixth birthday in Manchester

Last time you got into a fight?
I don't think I have ever got into a fight ; I normally can talk my way out of everything. Maybe at school, which must be at least twenty five years ago now.

Last time you lied?
I try not to lie wherever possible. And sometimes, especially when my kids ask me questions, I explain things and realise I know a lot more than I think I do. Maybe I'm lying to them then, but I believe it.

Last time you made the bed?
About 9.35 this morning. I try wherever possible to main the illusion of control over the essentially random life that we are given. I also have lived with some very messy - lazy - girls, so if I can, I try to keep my house looking as reason in terms of order and neatness. I grew up in a very small room in Birmingham, and as soon as I put an LP down, the room was full. I hate being cramped. Hate it. Small rooms feel like prisons.

Last time you lost the plot?
16th March 2011. Two years of sleeplessness totally broke me. Really though, I just needed a damn good lie-in.

Last time you cried?
Probably during Here Comes Everyone, by Miles and Erica Nockalls in Tunbridge Wells. That song kept my soul warm when it was in a spiritual winter a very long time ago. Though I occasionally get damp eyes when certain conversations happen. We were discussing readings and songs for our wedding the other day and I felt overcome by the size of what is happening to us, that actually, I cried then. Choosing songs, and discussing readings, and the relative meanings of each.

Last time you did something illegal?
I watched a fanmade video of U2 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from multiple camera phones. Is that illegal?

Last time you swore at the telly?
Last night. We were watching one of those My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding programmes. before that was about 6pm last night when I watched the news, and Christopher Grayling was suggesting that people who expected to be paid for their work were some kind of socialist extremist conspiracy. What an absolute fucking moron : his government are espousing the virtues of work, but forgetting that people who work do not do so for the dignity of labour, but for the dignity of money. Selling time for money.

Last time you complained to someone on the phone?
All the time, but more often than not when I am informing my local train company of the shoddy, overpriced, incompetent disservice they charge a fucking fortune for. Your train is 7,9 ,15, 11, 13 minutes late - and now we have a platform alteration. Twats.

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