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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I haven't written much recently for a number of reasons. Not because there is nothing to say. On the contrary, there is too much I want to say. But I'm not sure necessarily how wise it is to say everything.

David Cameron's Government are the biggest fucking assholes I've ever had the misfortune to be in a country in. And I've spent time in George Bush's country.

I am, in my circumstances, working diligently on my new, unwanted and unexpected mission. The time is being used, in my eyes, productively. Every day I set myself a task. I've never understood the people who have such an enormous intellectual void that they stare blankly at the television all day long. Except of course, those of us who spend the hours raising children. Being a parent is often incredibly fucking boring.

Spending all my time telling a child put that down, don't eat nails, try not to lick fire, that kind of stuff. Then the time spent trying to keep a house working well.

I'd love the time to sit down and write a novel. It's been five years since I finished the last one, and I'm stuck on about 30,000 words of something I've been wrestling with for over a decade.

Plot. I need to create a plot. After all, all my research on Ebay for haunted dolls is bringing up the same result, time after time : Returns Not Accepted.

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