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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
The People's Post

The British Post office is an institution. Perhaps, not necessarily in the most obvious sense, but over the past 300 years in its various forms, the organisation has mutated or evolved into something that, now, is perhaps deeply loved and troubled. When I joined in 2001, and it was known, laughably as "Consignia", the Royal Mail was struggling with world of the internet, and even then, had offices in central London that were a mothballed part of the shortlived programme to print out and deliver emails through your letterbox.

Originally a 15 part Radio 4 series, Dominic Sandbrook takes this back to the beginning a few hundred years ago, marking social change, technology, war, politics, and as always, money, in amrking how the People's Post adapted and evolved. Whilst it may sound dry and dull, it's more a way of tracking the change in society over three dozen decades - and how the business was an agent for change, bringing people together and making the transfer of information that revolutionised society fascinating and heroic.

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