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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Urban Explorers

Surely the horror genre must have seen it all by now? To be frank, when I received this, my partner flipped over the back, read the two paragraphs, and quickly retorted : "We don't need to see this." After all, when the trailer and the blurb on the back tells you at least the first 90% of the film, there's little left to explore. Why bother, after all? Whilst the premise that sits inside this is relatively fresh, the execution is somewhat lacking. Hampered by budget, bad acting, and an ultimately generic set of dark caves/murders that are also available in spades in films like "Descent", "Catacombs", etc. Following the ratio of chat to carnage set by 50's Nukesploitation moofies, not enough happens, and there's the usual assortment of girls being chased, killed, and murdered noisily and painfully : certainly there is a boatload of blood and guts but generally, this is nothing more than an utterly mediocre horror film.

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