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Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Idiots At The Wheel

I walk through the Poundlands of this world and wonder. Is this person part of the mandatory Work-For-Free-Or-We-Cut-Your-Dole from the new Government?

When I walk through town, or the Tumbletime sessions with other children, are the men there on holiday, or are they searching for a new job? In the midst of the worst recession in eighty years, there are a lot of people that shouldn't be here : a lot of talent that is underutilised, and being ignored or overlooked. This current economic policy impoverishes us all. It baffles me that this government think that the thing that is keeping the economy from righting itself is the fact that it is too damn difficult to sack people, that you should ask permission before building things, and that people are not spending money to spite the economy, instead of the fact that people aren't spending money because there isn't the money to spend.


Here's economics in a nutshell : if someone hasn't got a job, they can't spend money in shops if they don't have money, so nobody buys the things in the shops, so the shops close, the shopkeepers and manufacturers lose their jobs, and the shops have less people who are able to spend their money in it. Simple.

But apparently, that is far too complicated for the current shower of shit that calls itself a Government ; they'd rather give millionaires tax breaks, tax pasties, and generate a fuel panic which never existed.

Idiots are at the wheel.


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