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Monday, May 07, 2012

Iron Sky gets a 1 day cinema release.

Well, Revolver - WHY?

You know the hype around this, and sadly fervent geek anticipation.

So why release it for only one day? There's a bit more interest in this than the usual guff that comes out. You think that this will sell less tickets than Danny Dyer's latest piece of gangster rubbish? Or Dexter Fletcher's utterly boring "Wild Bill". That may have only sold about 38 tickets, but it was in cinemas for longer than one day - and I saw at least two billboards for it.

I have children, and a job. I might not be able to see it in the short four hour post-work window. Especially if you only show it in big cities, which I might not live in. What a shortsighted miscalculation. Of course if you want to claim "Nobody saw it at the cinema", then the easiest way to do that is only put it on for one day. But why would you want to deny people who want to see it the chance to do so? No wonder the industry is in such a poor state.

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