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Friday, May 04, 2012
It's Not What You Think

The Local Elections : Labour have 823 seats and 32 councils. The Conservatives lost 405 seats and 12 councils. The Liberal Democrats lost 336 seats. And, a man dressed as a penguin got more votes than the Liberal Democrats.

But why?

It's not the cuts.
It's not closing the hospitals.
It's not making teachers redundant.
It's not closing the schools.
It's not giving the richest 150,000 people a 5% tax break
It's not £9,000 a year university fees.
It's not slashing public services – and blaming the local authorities for it.
It's not a “rationalised” welfare state of starvation and depravation.
It's not austerity.
It's not cutting the financial lifeline for the average person.
It's not cutting child benefits.
It's not cutting housing benefits.
It's not the bullying of the disabled.
It's not the changes to the unemployed.
It's not a new sort of fuedualism where benefits are only paid to the head of the family, who lords it like a King.
It's not the restriction of state support to the ill to a mere 12 months.
It's not cutting the pensions.
It's not selling off the hospitals to private companies.
It's not the NHS targeting up to 50% of its work to private health care.
It's not tampering with murder evidence.
It's not closing forensic science and privatising evidence investigation.
It's not phone hacking.
It's not the ministers giving insider tips to millionaires.
It's not the demonisation of the poor.
It's not closing child play centres.
It's not closing libraries.
It's not unaffordable childcare.
It's not rising tax rates.
It's not cosy Christmas lunches with the biggest newspapers.
It's not newspapers perverting the course of justice and murder investigations.
It's not a double dip recession.
It's not £100,000,000,000 being stolen from the economy.
It's not rocket launchers being placed on your roofs without you even being told.
It's not rampant unemployment.
It's not 600,000 public sector employees being made redundant.
It's not ruling without a mandate.
It's not “I'll cut the NHS, not the deficit”
It's not a string of broken promises.
It's not the rising divorce rate.
It's not over 2,000,000 unemployed.
It's not 67.50 a week.
It's not prisons being turned into factories, where prisoners toil for £10 a week.
It's not ruling with a minority, and imposing policies that were never in any manifesto.

It's “gay marriage” that cost the Conservatives their election. Which doesn't actually exist : it's called civil partnership.

You know what I blame gay marriage for? Gay divorce. There never used to be any gay divorces when there wasn't any gay marriage. If you don't like gay marriage, then don't have one. But don't blame something that doesn't actually exist for the massive election defeat caused your utter incompetent lies, and the ruined lives in your wake. If you show contempt for the public, don't be surprised if they show contempt back.

It's time to dissolve the electorate as it no longer represents the wishes of the government.

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