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Tuesday, May 08, 2012
New Old Dream 1973-2012

Other people clearly see me a way I haven't considered. Words like confident, ambitious, dynamic, likable. I've never considered those things as who I am, but if the reality is how it is perceived and not how it is intended, then so be it. I somehow doubt arrogant people think of themselves as such : probably just geniuses surrounded by intolerable idiots.

Tomorrow is a day of no small import : the path my life has been set on takes another juncture. After a negative experience a few months ago, I am again optimistic and look forward to the kind of job I have always wanted : the one where you can see the positive impact upon the society we live in, where you feel you are making a difference and the world a better place, the one where talent and individual, creative solutions are valued and wanted, where ideas are not a crime, and where the intellect is always challenged, stimulated, and applied into delivering a better world. In short, a suited superhero solving the crimes of whatever it is I am fighting.

To the future!

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