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Sunday, May 06, 2012
The Pursuit of Happiness

Meet Julian Brazier Conservative MP for a town about 15 miles from my house. On National Television he said today "The party need to get rid of fringe issues that are of no interest to the electorate - like gay marriage. "


Gay people are a fringe issue?
Equal rights is a minority sport?
Marriage is of no interest to people?
The votes of 6,000,000 gay people are irrelevant?

Gay people are human beings too. Black, white, gay, straight, young old, rich, poor, all of us are the same, and we all have the right to love and happiness. If any of us are ever lucky enough to find ourselves in the kind of amazing, breathtaking love where you want to explore the rest of your days with one person, what matters is not that you are gay or straight, what matters is that you are happy. That is my only mission in life : to find happiness. Not that this will be an issue for Carlo Civitelli, who he killed when driving on the wrong side of the road in 2001.

One day, less than fifty years from now, and hopefully within my lifetime, we will look at this prejudice with the same baffled confusion at the dark ages as we now do at apartheid and segregation.

The role of the Government is not just to represent the wishes of the people, but to know what the wishes of the population are - and these statements are not fitting for anyone who claims to represent this country. Insulting 6,000,000 people is not the act of a man fit for office.

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