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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Thinking Fast And Slow

How we see the world defines the world : what it is, to us, and what we do with it, to ourselves, and others. In this, Daniel Kahneman takes the thought process, and explains with practical examples we can all relate to, the concepts of perception, the shortcuts the brain takes, and the judgements we make : in the way a footballer just kicks, a guitarist just plays, that some things are, for some people instinctual, or perhaps a rare moment, a fluke of genius, such as a bank, a turn, a kick, a goal, a line, that those things are unconscious acts of brilliance. The ideas are presented smoothly and clearly, with no shortage of somewhat dry but useful exposition.

It may not be a riproaring page turner, but it is a keen and useful read if you are curious about how we see the world.

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