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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Coming Back To Life

I haven't written much here for quite some time. Pop culture. That kind of thing. The odd review of a film, or a gig. A passing observation. Life has been insane in the past couple of months. Not good, not bad, just frantically busy. Work has been an intense ride. I am glad to be working again, and to be able to use my abilities to make a change. I don't write about work in anything but the most abstract way. That is not likely to change. It is a huge part of my life, working, and something I am proud and happy to be involved in. But it is also a huge hole here, missing something, obscuring a huge part of my existence. But the hours have been long, very long. The work has been very intense. We have taken a big idea, and made it happen. Made it real. It has been three years in the making, and in the past couple of months, it became more than an idea.

Therefore, I have been often exhausted. Late nights, early mornings, and when I have been at work, I have been strapped into a rollercoaster of activity. This week, at last, I am in the midst of my first week of holiday since Christmas. As it typical, I now have a sore throat and a banging headache. In the past couple of days, a lot of things that have been on my mind recently have come to fruition ; moving and rebuilding bookshelves, housework, gardening, tidying up a few loose ends, renegotiating a new mobile phone contract, some other stuff. The slow process of taking someone else's home we bought years ago, and making it finally fucking ours, is progressing. The leylandii have been killed. The hallway and landing repainted. The bathroom rebuilt and moved. Life has become overgrown the past few months : now it it is slowly coming back into step.

I have been exhausted recently. There's no way I can sustain those long hours and that intensity for the duration I have : the past fifteen months have been intense and exhausting. I have neglected my friends, my family, and myself. Now, though I am not yet complete, it feels as if some level of normalcy is coming back to life.

Self care is perhaps the most important thing we can do in order to meet responsibilities and have the energy to enjoy time off. It's also the thing we're least likely to do. We work too hard, push ourselves too much, and exhaust ourselves. Try to relax a little during this holiday, though I'm sure working on the house and making it your home brings a measure of peace and satisfaction, too. :0)
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