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Monday, September 17, 2012
Dancing about Architecture: A Little Book of Creativity (Independent Thinking Series)

A curious and interesting book, this takes its title from a old axiom about music journalism, but perhaps more than that, details how and why people think creatively but only in a very limited, educational context ; tips and tricks that you can use to make it happen and schoolteacher style exercises to inspire and make creativity work. However, whilst aimed at the education market - and also, somewhat limited for anyone who is interested in exploring their own creativity - this book is slim, a quick and slender read, and one that ignores the current education market, curriculum, Ofsted, and anything approaching practical. However it is a staggering disappointment - worse even than The Phantom Menance - because this book does not fulfill what is promised. I was hoping for something that would enhance and unlock the choked areas of my creative impulses (largely, watertight plotes), and instead I got lesson plans for tennagers. Well. Or perhaps, as Johnny Rotten said.... No Fun.

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