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Sunday, September 23, 2012
Half A Decade Ago

Earlier on this week, I was reminded of what happened five years ago yesterday. Time goes quickly.

Five years ago, this week, I accepted an offer of a job working for the NHS. On September 13th 2007, I got a phone call offering me the job at the NHS at around 1.45pm. Bearing in mind I was being made compulsory redundant from the Royal Mail, I had limited options. The amount I was offered was, give or take, a handful of quid more (less than 0.25%) than the Royal Mail.

When I told my then wife, her first response wasn't Thank Fuck You Got A Job, it was Can't You Earn Any More? That sealed the coffin for me.

On Tuesday September 18th 2007, I handed in my acceptance of the redundancy offer at around 1.20pm and resigned..

On September 22nd 2007, I went to a friends wedding. We are no longer friends, which is up to them. The photo above is one of the last of my wife and I when we were a couple. I wish the wedded well for the future.

On September 25th 2007, we seperated. I spent six months living with her after that date, which was difficult. Little did I know an hour after I wrote this blogpost my marriage would be over.

Five years. A long time. The past? Some of it was rubbish. Life is a better world for me now.

It sounds like overall things have improved since then. When we look back at the past - and lets face it, we all do it from time to time - it's great to know that things have gotten better. :0)
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