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Monday, September 17, 2012
Imagine, How Creativity Works

I would love to review this book positively : it has plenty to recommend it in terms of structure, style, and content. Unfortunately this book destroys its integrity and all its power by taking the power of creativity too far - the author falsified quotes and fabricated words from (amongst others) Bob Dylan, in order to further their point. There are some interesting ideas here, including those around the nature of thought and solution diagnosis, but the content is blunt and lacking in the detail and motive that explains all other things, which quickly becomes repetitive and yes, frustrating. In the end, I read this and came to the conclusion that firstly, it is not as clever or creative as it thinks it is, and that I am smarter than the writer. It sound arrogant to say so, but I was ahead of the writer in many places, and the revelations he proposes are obvious and lacking.

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